Installation is a breeze

The Monitair Chevron airflow indicator was designed for ease of installation and use. Simply mount the unit in a convenient position in the line of sight of the operator, using banding, self-tapping screws or any other suitable method. To sense duct pressure, a hole is drilled in a convenient place in the duct. The tubing from the Chevron is cut to length, or easily lengthened using the tube extender and extra tubing. The tube is pushed into the supplied grommet, which is then pushed into the hole.

That completes the installation, and all that remains is the calibration.

Calibration is Effortless

Most airflow indicators are fiddly to select and calibrate, and require that you know the pressure limits of your LEV. The Monitair Chevron is different.  Once all Chevrons have been fitted and the LEV system has been balanced, calibration is carried out by applying a small magnet to the front lower part of the unit in a certain sequence using the LED as guidance. The automatic calibration routine running in the Chevron’s software measures the static pressure inside the duct and stores it, as a ‘known good value’, in the microcontroller’s memory, for later use. That’s it – done. Reading this paragraph probably takes longer than calibrating the Chevron.

As this (very) short video shows, the Chevron is very easy and quick to calibrate. No access is required to the electronics, and the job is done in under 10 seconds.

 Note: – LED flashing – place magnet in position, LED ON FULL – remove magnet

Read the User Guide and see how Chevron is :-

  • easy to fit
  • easy to calibrate
  • easy to use.

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