Devonport Royal Dockyard takes Chevrons on board


Babcock International, operating in Devonport Royal Dockyard, has an ongoing responsibility for the maintenance of Royal Navy vessels. This often involves operating in confined spaces and requires the use of portable, temporary Local Exhaust Ventilation connected to remote fans by flexible ducting. These LEVs need to be continuously monitored to ensure they are working correctly. Babcock have found that the Chevron gives them a convenient means of doing this with a minimum of set-up time and a highly visible display to show, with just a glance, that the system is doing what it should.

One user said ‘We had been looking for something like this for ages. It solves the problems we had. It is small, light and battery powered, so it doesn’t need wiring in. We can see that the extract, from a hazardous area, is working properly without needing to go into that area.